Tuesday, September 1, 2009

September Shred: Day 1

So I came across In the Trenches of Mommyhood a few weeks ago. I enjoy Sarah's blog, so when she challenged bloggers across the blogosphere to join her doing Jillian Michael's 30 Day Shred in September, I opened my big mouth and committed to doing it and blogging daily about it. (What was I thinking?!)

Today is Day 1. I'm exhausted (before I even started)! I have dreaded starting all day today. Baby Boy is cutting teeth and was up several times during the night (he's been drooling like a St. Bernard lately!). But I'm a glutton dedicated, and since I said I would "Shred," I did. I even survived. Now I'm going to reward myself. I'm heading to the freezer to grab myself an ice cream. Is that bad? Does it make it better if it is a Skinny Cow? Maybe by Day 30, I'll be motivated to break my ice cream habit!

Check out my updates (and the updates of the rest of the group) on the the September Shred blog here!


  1. Keep it up! We're all right there with ya!

  2. This sounds a bit interesting. Going to check out more. Fellow SITS, and found your blog on momblognetwork.com. Have a great evening, and keep up the good work Shredding! ;)


  3. I have the video, but I have yet to start day 1. Why? I can't figure out when to fit it in! Plus, my floors creak, and jumping jacks are seriously noisy. If I try while the little dude is sleeping, I might wake him up (or my husband, for that matter). I know - excuses, excuses!

    Good luck!