Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Great Offer: Awesome Coupon Sites

I recently came across a couple of sites that have a plethora of coupons. Since we are really trying to stay in a budget and save anywhere we can, I know I will be using these sites. They will save me not only money but also time (since by frequenting these sites, I won't have to dig around and actually cut coupons).

Coupon Mom
    What I like about couponmom.com:

    • There's a whole document that tells you how to get the most out of her site. All you have to do is register to access it.
    • All the grocery deals are listed by state and store. there's quite and extensive list.
    • There's a coupon database, where you can find coupons that are valid for your state/region.
    • You can search for a particular coupon.
    • There are sections for Restaurant coupons, Amazon coupons, a forum, and so much more.
    • It's been on Oprah...so it has a reputable following and isn't just a willy-nilly coupon site that may or may not have valid coupons. It's the real deal!
    What don't I don't like about couponmom.com

    • That I didn't think of it first!

Retail Me Not
    What I like about Retailmenot.com:

    • Every type of retail coupon you can imagine can be found here. Best Buy, Kohls, Macy's, JC Penneys, Hallmark...I could go on and on, but you get the idea.
    • They have some keywords categories, like shoes, electronics, tools, kids, etc., that will help you find coupons for the area you are shopping.
    • You can rank the coupons and report on whether they worked for you. They list the success rate based on those that report back.
    • There are gadgets and forums you can use to help you find and track the deals...a shop-a-holic's dream!
    • They report on consumer shopping trends (which is how I found this site. I was doing research for my job, and came across some of their reports).

    What I don't like about Retailmenot.com:

    • Not all the coupons are valid. Some are only for certain regions, some are expired, or some are just not honored by the stores.


  1. Great and up to date coupon site: www.247coupon.com

  2. I wasn't aware of those sites. Thanks! I'll have to check them out.