Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Chit Chat: Let it Snow!

Colorado has been getting dumped on all day. The white fluffy stuff hasn't let up since late last night, and it is expected to keep coming down until mid-day tomorrow. I love snow. Before Baby Boy was born, a good snow meant waking up at oh-dark-thirty, grabbing our ski equipment and getting on the road (before I-70 became a parking lot) to ski.

Now that we have Baby Boy, a good snow causes me to about whether his day care will close early, and wonder how early I need to leave work to make sure I pick him up on time. Now, snow means canceled meetings and uncompleted tasks.

Today I got a call at 11:30 a.m. announcing that Baby Boy's daycare was closing at 1 p.m. I left early thinking the roads must be really bad, and I don't want to be late. As I was driving, I discovered, the roads were mostly clear, with a bit of slushiness on the side streets. Now in my book, a wet road isn't a good reason to cancel school. Not at a time when positions are being scrutinized. Not at at time when companies are trying to figure out ways to cut costs. Not ever.

So, I did a little digging around...the school district in our community did not close today, not a single other daycare in our community closed today, and many of the childcare facilities in the town I work in were still open as of 4 p.m. today.

So now, I am looking for an alternative for my daycare. This is not the first time an unnecessary snow closing has happened, and they take many other non-holiday days off. I can't keep using my very limited vacation time frivolously.

In the meantime, check out Baby Boy playing in the snow for the first time!


  1. Wow, that's horrible that his daycare closed unneccesarily. Hope you find a more reliable one!
    And can't believe it's already snowing somewhere! Not ready for the winter for sure....

    Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Too cute!! How weird about your daycare. I wish I could help you! I would say, bring the kids over! :)


  3. OMG! I can't believe you have all that snow already! I guess that's Colorado for you. I'd love to go skiing there one day.

  4. I hope you can find another daycare soon.

    what a cutie pie he is!

  5. Hope you figure out the daycare issue. That is crappy!

    We were supposed to get snow this week but haven't seen a drop. My boys are soooo disappointed.

  6. We had one snow fall so far this year in Minnesota. We got out and played a little and by the afternoon is had melted. I'm sure we'll get more soon. :)

  7. Oh my, you got A LOT of snow! I'm glad he's having fun out there!

    I hope you find a more reliable daycare quickly.

  8. i can't believe they did that.. I agree with you about positions being scrutinized...... he is sooo cute!!!! What great pix

  9. What a mess. You really did get a bunch of snow! We had snow a few weeks ago but it melted away. :)

  10. What a doll! I love the snow. Looks like he does, too.

  11. How fun! He looks like he's loving it!

    That is bogus about the daycare closing. I'm sorry that happened and I know I'd feel the same way!

  12. Oh, that's stressful. I'm sorry.

    My brother is about to move to Colorado and is trying to talk us into visiting him this winter. I told him I am done with snow. DONE. He tried to convince me CO doesn't get "that much snow." Really? Hmm.

  13. That stinks that they are calling school so often. My husbands boss lives in Denver and he was snowed in this week. That is hard for us Texans to imagine, because we are lucky to see one snow flurry all year, and when it does happen school is closed. LOL

  14. Wow, that really stinks about the daycare! But here in NC, everything closes down at the first flake. It drives my WV hubby crazy. Beautiful pics.