Sunday, August 9, 2009

Chit Chat: County Fair Visit

This weekend we spent a few hours at the county fair. Baby Boy got to ride the pony's. He seemed to really like it...especially compared to the other little boy close to his age. While at the pony ride area, I got to witness 2 boys about the same age, with 2 very different reactions.

Every time Other Boy's pony came around he (the boy, not the pony) looked absolutely miserable. His face was red and blotchy, and he was trying to climb off the pony. His dad just held him on the matter how much Other Boy squirmed his Daddy was going to make him wear his big boy pants and tough it out.

On the other hand, Baby Boy had a smile on his face most the time, waved at me a few times, and would lean forward to pet the pony every once in a while. I was so proud of Baby Boy's bravery and sense of adventure.

As I was snapping photos of Baby Boy and watching Other Boy on their pony ride, I wondered:
  • Why do some kids just embrace a love for animals, and others react with fear?
  • Is it the disposition of the kid, the reaction of the parents, a little of both, or neither?
  • Do kids with pets respond to other animals better?
In the grand scheme of things, I guess these question don't matter, since Baby Boy enjoyed his pony ride, and I don't have to figure out how to nurture Baby Boy's love and respect of animals. Pony's, pot belly pigs, calves, horses, sheep, and goat...they all captured Baby Boy's attention.

Check out the pigs, Mommy! Can I get one?

That's a horse? It looks like a grown up pony? Are you sure it isn't a pony? Next year, I think I'll be ready to ride one of these Daddy!

Boy, that sheep isn't the smartest animal in the's trying to eat the metal gate!

"Too bad these pot bellied pigs were almost $200. I could have had a new pet!" thought Baby Boy.

I think it likes me, Daddy!

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