Saturday, July 18, 2009

Why the title? I love dandelions

My love of dandelions goes back to college. One day, my roommates and I were laying out and studying for finals in the backyard of the house we were renting. The only flowers we could afford were dandelions. Next thing you know, we hear the hum of the lawn mower...and I start yelling, "Nooooooo, Jerry (the maintenance person)! Don't cut the dandelions!" Jerry then informed me that dandelions were just weeds...they were always popping up everywhere, and they were impossible to get rid of because their roots went so deep. Little did poor Jerry know, but I had read a devotional earlier that week about dandelions a whole bunch of Godly reasons why the dandelions should be allowed to grow. In this devotional Christians were challenged to be more like dandelions. We should be more accessible and show our "sunny, yellow" faces where ever there is a need for "brightening up" The dandelion should remind us that our faith should have deep roots that is impossible to dislodge.

Jerry and I had a lovely chat, and then he finished mowing the lawn. Even if the dandelions could stand as a reminder for how we should live out our faith, Jerry still had to do his job after all.

Fast forward, ahem, 10+ years to my first Mother's Day. My husband went out and picked a bunch of dandelions and put them in water. He told me they were from my son.

I had completely forgotten about my love of dandelions from college until this day. I hope that I get many more "fists full of dandelions" from my son in the coming years. When my son is old enough, he too will hear why Christians should be more like dandelions.

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