Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aspiring Photographer: Don't chase the animals

I love watching animals...the more rare, the better. Today, I decided to post pictures of some of the animals we have gone to great lengths to get pictures of in the wild. These are some older adventures.

Disclaimer: I am not a photographer (I just pretend to be one)!

Colorado—Memorial Day Weekend 2006

The first moose I have ever seen.
Note: Look close you can see him in the background.

I decided to get closer
Little did I know that while I was carefully trying to get closer, another family would have the same idea. The problem—they started running toward me, and I was stuck between them and the moose. The moose came up to the road, and I was safely able to get back to our truck and snap this picture. The arm in the picture is of one of the dumb girls that thought it was a good idea to run at a moose.

Yellowstone National Park—May 2007


I was determined to see a Grizzly Bear while we were at Yellowstone. On our second day there, this Grizzly crossed right in front of our truck just before we crossed Fishing Bridge.
It was enormous.

The next day we saw this grizzly crossing the Yellowstone River. If you look closely in the background, you can see three wolves.

We tried to get a closer picture of the bear. We thought it would cross the river, and then climb the hill to the road. It didn't (or we weren't fast enough to see it again). The wolves must have decided to follow the bear across the road because here is another picture of one of them. It was the fourth one to cross the road. My hubby was in the road and the wolves crossed right in front of him (he's probably lucky they didn't make him dinner!).

One question...What happened to his tail?

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